Jass Bass Transcriptions is a portal that sells online some musical transcriptions, extracted from the performances of the most famous jazz musicians in history. This project was born in March 2020, when the World suffered the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus with the idea of ​​spreading music study material. The main purpose is not to make money on the material we publish on this site: prices are very cheap (like a coffee) and vary according to the number of pages and the difficulty in making each transcription. Moreover, Paypal retains a commission of 3,4% + €0.35 on every single purchase.

The money obtained from the sale of the transcriptions is useful to cover the maintenance costs of the site and keep it online as long as possible.

Available tanscriptions are entirely made by us. We do not offer transcriptions downloaded from other websites and we do not steal anyone's intellectual property. Each transcription we made is carefully checked and truly re-played with our instruments (double bass and electric bass).

To make our transcriptions we use support softwares for musical scores processing (such as Finale, Musescore, etc.), softwares to slow down a musical track (ex. Audacity, Transcribe, etc.), softwares to export PDF files (such as PrimoPDF, PDFCreator, etc.) and the main tool: our ears! Source files of the transcriptions are physically stored only on our personal computers and are used to export the pdf files and, eventually, make corrections and/or additions.

The user who purchases a transcription will receive the link into his/her mailbox to download the relative PDF file without any limitations. When an user completes his/her first purchase, he/she becomes a registered user. A registered user, on his/her personal area, has a summary of the purchased files and, at any time, can download them (in PDF format) again without any restrictions (we can change any rule at any time, if occurs any improper or suspicious behavior shown by registered users). No other type of file (such as transcription sources, audio files, etc.) will be sent from (or shared on) this site. Don't ask!

We make and upload new jazz bass transcriptions periodically. The choice of tracks, music extracts and musicians is absolutely random. We don't make transcriptions on demand.

For any type of request you can use the contact form in the homonymous section of the site: ( We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for collaboration.