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Alone Together - Christian McBride Bass Line (2 Ch.) + Solo

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from «Conversations with Christian (Christian McBride)» Mack Avenue (2011)

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Jazz Duo
  • Christian McBride: double bass
  • Hank Jones: piano

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Christian McBride
Christian McBride

Christian McBride

SEVEN-time GRAMMY® AWArd winning jazz bassist Christian McBride can be likened to a force of nature, fusing the fire and fury of a virtuoso with the depth and grounding of a seasoned journeyman. Powered by a relentless energy and a boundless love of swing, McBride’s path has described a continuous positive arc since his arrival on the scene. With a career now blazing into its third decade, the Philadelphia native has become one of the most requested, most recorded, and most respected figures in the music world today.

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Alone Together - Christian McBride Bass Line (2 Ch.) + Solo
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