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Summertime - Chet Baker Melody + Solo

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from «Chet Baker Quartet» Sam Records (1956) - Recorded: Oct. 24, 1955

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Jazz Quartet
  • Chet Baker: trumpet
  • Gerard Gustin: piano
  • Jimmy Bond: bass
  • Nils-Bertil Dahlander: drums

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Chet Baker
Chet Baker

Chet Baker

American jazz trumpeter and singer. He first encountered jazz while playing in army bands, and by the time of his discharge in 1951 his distinctive, reticent style was fully developed. In 1952 he played briefly with Charlie Parker before beginning an important association with Gerry Mulligan in the latter’s celebrated ‘pianoless’ quartet. His performances with the group, particularly his ballad rendition of My Funny Valentine (1952, Fan.), brought him instant fame; his clear tone and subdued, lyrical manner – he rarely played louder than mezzo-forte and sometimes restricted his melodic span to less than an octave – immediately became hallmarks of West Coast cool jazz, and were widely imitated.


Summertime - Chet Baker Melody + Solo
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